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Lost in Paradise

Instrumentation: Viola, Cello and Piano

Duration: ca. 1'15"

Composition Date: 2014.10

Première Date: 2014.12.08

Première Artists: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble

Remark: Commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild for “SOUND-IMAGination 2014: Hong Kong Postcards”

Sample Recording: Currently unavailable as restricted by Hong Kong Composers' Guild

Programme Notes:

Photo Copyright © by Bonnie Ming-wui Cheng


“Umbrellas come from the ground and cover the road,

I do not ask to see the distant scene, one step enough for me.”


David Ho-yi Chan

A city once worthy of our pride

A resplendent facade with a rotten inside

Its lavish revelry always unceasing

Its grinding pressure never relieving

In the small hours a metropolis garishly illuminated

On postcards gleaming light trails replicated

Nothing but a glow flickering in its last moments

On a road to destruction ever dimmer

A reminiscence of the city's former glamour

A salute to its glorious historic moments

Composed amidst the outbreak of the Umbrella Movement, Lost in Paradise was written while the composer was in the land of Britain and feeling anxious for his friends back home. On the streets dazzled with glitter of gold, one finds oneself, lost in paradise.


(English Translation by Justin Jing-hoi Lo)

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