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Ode to Autumn

Instrumentation: Violin, Oboe and Piano

Duration: ca. 3'

Composition Date: 2010.10

Publication Date: 2011.01.25

Première Organisation: Aborigine Music Workshop

Recording Artists: Andrew Hoi-yin Lee (Violin), Roy Hiu-fung Chui (Oboe) and David Ho-yi Chan (Piano)

Discography: CD published under the project, "90% Original Sound"

Programme Notes:

Ode to Autumn has been written to express autumn’s scene in the composer’s mind. An unusual trio (violin, oboe and piano) is being used, so the characters of the instruments are distinct in conveying the scene.

About the harmony, conventional tertian harmony, unconventional quartal & quintal harmony and other extended harmonic vocabulary are involved for building autumn’s colour. The piece also includes some playing techniques in order to convey scenic images. For example, pizzicato is used for imitating water dripping while the semiquavers motive is used to imitate autumn’s wind. On the other hand, the piece includes several limitations between instruments and some contemporary composition techniques such as feathered beams are adopted for filling the piece with modern colour.

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