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Reminiscing the Childhood

Instrumentation: Percussion Quartet

Duration: ca. 7'30"

Composition Date: 2014.03

Première Date: 2014.04.08

Première Artists: Caleb Yuen, Tsz-hei Lau, Kris Ng and Hoi-tong Keung (Conductor: David Ho-yi Chan)

Sample Recording:

(By the courtesy of Jenga. Shared with permission.)

Programme Notes:

Life is full of sorrow while reality does not shed a tear. That is why we reminisce about the exquisite childhood. Reminiscing the Childhood begins by depicting the pathetic reality with twelve-tone technique and traces back in time to childhood. The rhythmically irregular melodic lines, played by marimba, vibraphone and glockenspiel, cherish the memory of lively childhood, interwoven with freedom and doubt that is suggested by pandiatonicism, at a time when the world was once ever so vast and innocent children could freely come and joyfully run by. In the middle slow section, the music depicts another side of childhood, from the path of facing depression to the path of seeking dreams. With introduction, elucidation, transition and conclusion, years in life are sung as if they were a song, but reminiscence remains fictitious. By the arch form structure, everyone has to go back to reality. Life is long-lasting, c'est la vie…..

Reminiscing the Childhood (Excerpt) - Jenga - The Hong Kong Percussion Quartet
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